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[IP] RE: Trying again......pump soon arrives

>  .............snip.................
> I've learned so much from reading about pumps on this
> list and will help with donations shortly.
>  This is a worthwhile list for anyone wanting to learn
> what pumping insulin is all about, good and bad, but
> mostly what I've seen, it's good.
> I am so looking forward to being able to hike, take
> walks, ride my bike,...snip.....I want to be 50 and be able to go hiking
> Alaska again!!
> Looking forward to be part of this club and the
> benefits of pumping!
> Leslie in Ohio

Hi Leslie - I agree with all that you've said.  My MM pump has enabled some
great hiking experiences.  This list is great, the information is great, and
pumping insulin is great.  I am especially glad that you were encouraged by
the overwhelmingly positive tone of the group's messages.  It's amazing how
anyone can read into the messages a different view.  I guess some people
just see what they want, or don't intend to "see".  I hope you enjoy all the
new freedom the pump will give you and you get to hike in Alaska again!

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 - 1998

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