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Re: [IP] Pumps advertised

>It is just that I don't really want to be tied down to something that >requires my attention 24 hours per day.

I understand your concern about being "tied" to something 24 hours a
day. This was my husband Shane's biggest objection when he first
considered the pump. However, he discovered, as most pumpers do, that
this device actually freed him, instead of tying him down. No more
hauling along those syringes and swabs and insulin bottles and injecting
in dark dirty bathrooms when eating out! The pump does NOT require
continuous attention, unlike the impression you may get reading this
list. It does require a break in period of a couple weeks, but after
that you rarely pay it much attention, other than to give a bolus when
you eat, and to change a set or cartridge every few days. Most of the
time you don't even know it is there. If it gets in the way, you can
unhook from it for a short amount of time (to take a shower, or change
clothes, or whatever). Perhaps you might try a sort of dry run with your
pump, since you already have it. Wear it around for a couple of weeks.
Don't hook it up or turn it on, just get used to having it around you.
I'll bet you will find that it is only a minor inconvenience, especially
when you think about all the great benefits it could offer in return.
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