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Re: [IP] Diabetes Term Paper help needed

Two decent sites are;
and another,
http://www.find-a-cure.com  The find-a-cure site is pretty neat in that it's
centered on diabetes research and has other dz links too.

Good luck to her
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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From: "Nita H."
Subject: [IP] Diabetes Term Paper help needed

> My sister is training to become a Paramedic and is writing a term paper on
> the complications of diabetes.  She needs websites to do research on the
> scientific aspect of different diabetic complications.  For example, she
> needs to write about exactly HOW neuropathy occurs, or the eyes bleed or
> kidneys get damaged.  I told her I would ask all you wonderful, helpful,
> knowledgeable people here and I'm sure someone here can point us in the
> right direction for some great websites.
> Thanks!!!
> Nita

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