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[IP] Needles with pumps

Lurline wrote:

>>Took a look at the needle they use and do think all of you are terribly

Which infusion set have you looked at?  The Tender (aka Sil or Comfort) are
a little scarey, but are easy to insert and the only part of the needle that
goes into you is less than 1-inch long.  The needle then comes out and a
small thin tubing is all that stays in.  I've only used the Tenders, my
friend uses Rapids and the needle in hers is only about 1/2-inch long.  I
don't know about the Soft-Sets, but they can't be very long since they go in
at a 90 deg angle.  Are you thinking of the fill needle that goes on the
cartridges or reservoirs?  You never stick that in you, it's only to fill
the cartridge from the insulin and it's a HUGE needle, don't know why they
have to be that big.  Hope this answers some questions or concerns you might
have.  :o)


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