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Re: [IP] Pump called off

>Brian, I usually agree with your posts, but I think here you may be
>overly cautious. I can not think of how a person would have better
>control on MDI than he or she could on a pump,

You are correct in that most do better on the pump but some people just 
react better to the doses given by a syringe and how the body reacts with 
the certain types of insulins.  I have seen people who have used the pump 
on very strict rules and have tried allot harder than 90% of pumpers that I 
have seen but there control still slips.  For these few individuals the 
pump was used correctly but it did not work for them as MDIs did.  Everyone 
must remember that one body is not like another and that no matter how 
accurate or closely machines come to the body some people they will simply 
not work on.

I have seen this with other machines also that are used like pumps and I 
have yet to see a single machine in the medical field that has worked 
better for 100% of all patients rather than conventional methods for those 
select few.

Brian Carter
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