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Re: [IP] how to insert silhouettes, HELP!

<part of original post>
<Iīm ready to try sils, had some samples sent by MM but both of us are
of the needle (it is way looong). Watched the videos  on pumpers website
couldnīt see clearly enough how it was inserted. Does it go on
so to say, or vertically like the sofsets. Any advice, I will be

Hi Yvonne,

The needle is scary, but the results are definitely worth it in my book!
The sofset goes in at an angle. If your daughter is thin, then insert it
at less of an angle (closer to horizontal). I probably use 20 degrees. I
don't need for it to go too deep. (For reference, the sofset goes in
vertically, i.e., a 90 degree angle)

Hope this helps, and good luck!


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