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Re: [IP] Pump called off

<original post>
<You cannot get the control with 4-6 injections aday that you get with
the pump.>
<Brian's response>
<I must remind everyone of YMMV  some people do do better on MDI, we are
not here to say what someone WILL or WILL NOT do but to offer support in
which ever they choose.  I have seen people have better control with MDI
than a
pump but liked the freedom the pump gave.>

Brian, I usually agree with your posts, but I think here you may be
overly cautious. I can not think of how a person would have better
control on MDI than he or she could on a pump, with its 1) adjustable
basal infusion, more closely simulating a normal person's body and 2)
ability to deliver highly accurate doses to tenths of a unit (a syringe
can't do that!). The only thing I can think of is if a person had huge
site problems (allergic to all sorts of tape, etc.) that somehow
couldn't be solved. There is no question in my mind that the pump is a
finer-tuned tool than the syringe!

Now, whether that means that everyone should go on a pump is another
matter--is the person willing to have a tube stuck into their body all
the time, with tubing all over the place, etc., etc. But in this case, I
think the original poster was accurate. If a person has better control
with MDI than the pump, then he/she is probably not using the pump
correctly (basals set wrong, bubbles in the tubing, site problems, etc.)



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