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[IP] Trying again......pump soon arrives

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Hi! I've been reading the digests but haven't felt I
could contribute, until today. I was notified by
Mini-med that my pump should arrive on Tuesday or

 I am still in shock! I never dreamed our insurance
company would cover 80%. I've been concerned about the
money for the pump, but had decided to go ahead with
it. I'm only 39, and really want to enjoy life with my
family,not be miserable, as I have been for the past 5

I've learned so much from reading about pumps on this
list and will help with donations shortly.

 This is a worthwhile list for anyone wanting to learn
what pumping insulin is all about, good and bad, but
mostly what I've seen, it's good. 

I am so looking forward to being able to hike, take
walks, ride my bike, do active things again without
worrying about crashing every two hours if I don't
eat, and being more flexible with my schedule. 

My bg's have been up, down, all around for 5 years
now. I finally started going to an endo in December
and she is wonderful. We tried to get things under
control with oral meds, and 2 shots of NPH per day,
but seems my pancreas is just fizzling out. 

The NPH is so unpredictable, which I didn't realize
until I started reading about other's experiences on
this list. For a very long time, I thought I was the
problem. I'm tired of crying over highs, lows, and
feeling awful either way. Thanks to all of you who
contribute your experiences! 

I realize the pump will be work, but I'm willing to
learn it. I'm hoping, unlike in the past, I will be
able to see results of good bg levels instead of being
frustrated when I try so hard to eat right, excercise
and my only rewards are crashing in the middle of the
night or soaring up to 400 if I eat over 50 carbs in
one sitting. Looking forward to finally getting into
this. My ultimate hope with this insulin pump is that
I can FINALLY have control, instead of "The Beast"
having control of me! I am a fighter so I don't give
up easily. I want to be 50 and be able to go hiking in
Alaska again!! 

Looking forward to be part of this club and the
benefits of pumping!
Leslie in Ohio

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