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Re: [IP] Glucophage with a pump?

Rick Fishman wrote:
> I've been on the pump for about 4 years. I just went to a new doctor (not an
> endocrinologist) and he wants me to go on Glucophage along with my pump. Is
> this something that helps with Humalog? I searched the net and found mostly
> articles that show it being used for Type 2 diabetics, with some articles
> from 1996 saying that it had limited success helping with Type 1 diabetics.

You don't supply any details, so I don't really know why your doc made
that suggestion. 

There are two possible scenarios that spring to mind.

1. You show signs of insulin-resistance, including abdominal obesity,
high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high insulin requirements, in
which case, you might very well benefit from Glucophage.

2. You show none of the above signs, but your doctor is not sufficiently
well-educated in diabetes to know the indications for Glucophage, and
routinely suggests it to all his diabetic patients. And is reinforced in
this pattern because the majority of his patients are, indeed, Type 2,
and have the above mentioned signs.  

If I were you, I would be very cautious about going on Glucophage until
and unless there were a clear-cut reason for doing so.

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