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[IP] pump called off- call for attention

I'm not quite sure what the purpose is of posting to
the site that the pump doesn't sound like its all that
and a bag of chips.  If one is looking to be
"talked-into" the pump, I think its a very good reason
not to do it.  3 years ago, I did my thesis on the
design of a non-invasive glucose monitor/insulin
delivery system.  I spent a year of my life
researching all the current technologies available to
diabetics.  I thought the pump videos looked like a
load of cr-p.  Everyone was so stupidly happy. 
Anyway, I did not want to be attached to anything!!!! 
Almost 3 years later, I decided that I was ready for
the pump.  My point:  I WAS READY FOR THE PUMP!!! If
anyone else had tried to talk me into it, it would
have been a disaster! My quality of life has greatly
improved and I'm a VERY happy pumper.  When I decided
to pump, I was nervous, but I KNEW this was something
I wanted to do.  
Getting a bunch of people to say," Oh the pump is
wooooonderful, and its soooooo great, and I can do
whatever I want" is nice, but once your pumping, you
have to do it for YOU, Being patted on the back for
deciding to "join the club" doesn't mean a darn thing
if you aren't mentally prepared for some ups and downs
and a whole new list of responsibilities.  I sincerely
hope that you find whatever it is you seem to be
looking for. -Alecia

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