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[IP] how to insert silhouettes, HELP!

Hi Group

Been reading the thread on sofsets and I would like to say I´ve had my share 
of troubles with them. Yesterday my daughter came home from school with the 
cannula almost completely hanging out of her skin. Consequently, the boluses 
she had for lunch weren´t absorbed and was in the high 300´s later. Thanks 
God, she was 155 this morning after correction boluses and a site change. 
This has happened at least 3 times, she´s been pumping for 2 1/2 months, 
only. We do love the Sof-Serter, she hardly feels any pain.

I´m ready to try sils, had some samples sent by MM but both of us are scared 
of the needle (it is way looong). Watched the videos  on pumpers website but 
couldn´t see clearly enough how it was inserted. Does it go on horizontally, 
so to say, or vertically like the sofsets. Any advice, I will be grateful. 
Also, changed from IV prep to Bard, tapes are sticking better. She was 
getting some irritation from them. Lets see how things go with Bard. Also, 
am trying Tegaderm and Tegaderm HP instead of IV3000 which is what we´ve 
used until now. Anybody use these tapes and have had irritation problems go 
away using them?

Finally, I would like to say to Lurline, don´t say no to pumping until you 
try it, there are many wonderful things in life that we are unaware
of until we take the chance to try them, and pumping is one of them!

Thanks for all your help,

mom to Eileen, 12, happy pumper despite some problems...says never would go 
back to injections...
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