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Re: [IP] Pump Placement

I am anticipating receiving my pump in a couple of weeks.  My biggest concern at this early stage is: How do you handle the pump at night?  I love sleeping on my tummy, but also go from side to side and my back.  I love my sleep too, and am wondering how this is going to work.  Any tips?  I appreciated some of the tips on "hiding" & "placement" of the pump, but would like to hear specifically on nighttime use.  Thanks!
Good Morning!
As one of those who "moves in the night" a lot, I have found it enormously helpful to use the longest tubing I can.  I use Tenders (aka. Sils/Comforts) & I think my tubing is 42" or 43".  (I'm terrible with remembering numbers...there's a very GOOD reason I don't teach math!)  I put the pump under my pillow on whatever side my site is on, & the length gives me the freedom to move as I will.  I've been pumping a little over a year, & had no problems with this system at all.  If I did, I'd probably do as my trainer suggested - make a "tubing loop" around the site & tape that down, so if I pulled anything loose, it would be the extra loop & not the site.  Haven't had that so far (fingers crossed here), so I haven't really worried about it!
Best of Luck!