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Re: [IP] Type 1 and Type 2 in the same person

Barbara Bradly wrote about the Coexistence of Type 1 and
Type 2 diabetes.

The suggestion that some Type 1 diabetics may be at risk for
T2 seems extremely logical.  At the "Taking Control of your
Diabetes Conference" last year, I spoke with several
specialists who believe that T1 people can also have T2 and
that T2 people can also become T1.  On the latter logic, the
thinking is that a T2 person may become diabetic some 10-15
years before symptoms result in a diagnosis - during that
time the pancreas constantly increases insulin production to
compensate for the body's increasing inability to use the
insulin.  Ultimately, the pancreas may burn itself out and
either stop producing insulin or may significantly reduce
insulin production to a negligible level - resulting in T1
in an otherwise T2 person.  The conclusion, of course, is
that early detection of T2 may allow intervention to prevent
pancreas burnout...  Just as the awareness of the potential
for T2 in an otherwise T1 person would allow intervention to
improve the way the body uses insulin.

Then there's the odd ball like me who had beginning T2
resistance due to family history and who's pancreas became
damaged and ceased insulin production suddenly - hence T1
and T2....

Certainly can be complicated!

Tom "Pump Daddy" Wellman

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