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[IP] Re: Pump called off

Dear Lurline,

After reading your post, I went and read your profile. I would say that
after 20 years of bad control, you should at least be willing to give pump
therapy a try. Yes, lots of people have had problems. No, nothing in life is
perfect or guaranteed. We just have to have faith and take advantage of the
wonders of modern medicine.

We decided to try the pump due to the fact that my daughter HATED the strict
schedule of MDI. Having to eat certain amounts of foods at certain times,
stopping everything to eat or check or inject. With a pump, you do not have
to do that.

The pump has also leveled out her bg's. She used to go from 300 to 40 in a
matter of hours for no reason what so ever. She has remained stable between
70 - 150 pretty much all the time since starting the pump. WE WOULD NEVER
GIVE UP OUR PUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please don't get discouraged by the minor problems people have posted. Even
though they are having these little problems, NO ONE is posting that they
are quitting because of them. Give your pump a try. You might just like it.
And if you don't, take it off and go back to MDI.

Pumping is the best thing we have done for Jessica. She LOVES it and the
freedom it gives her. She feels like a 'normal' kid again.

Please keep in touch with the list and on the chats. I will be thinking
about you and praying for you.

Kim Hummel
mother to Jessica, 10, pumping 32 days and LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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