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[IP] Re: boy manages his diabetes

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<<  <A HREF="http://www.azcentral.com/news/0925diaboy25.html">Boy manages his 
 Very sincerely yours,
 Ellen H. Ullman >>
I'm glad for the exposure but again this article said some things that 
weren't good.  It mentioned diabetes being caused by overeating and 
overweight and didn't say that was just type 2.
It also left us with the impression that the little boy shouldn't get married 
and have kids because of the possibility of passing it on to his kids.  That 
is a heavy load to tell a little kid.  I was told it's 8% chance for male 
type 1's to pass it on and only a 3-4 percent chance for females.   That is 
pretty low.  I've met some pretty depressed and angry teenagers who thought 
there was no chance their kids wouldn't get it and the statistics are really 
pretty good.
other than that I liked the article  :)
thanks for sharing the URL

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