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Re: [IP] Pump called off

In a message dated 9/25/00 6:51:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< --- Lurline <email @ redacted> wrote:
 > Well it looks from viewing these messages that the
 > pumps don't do what
 > they are advertised to do.  It would seem that the
 > control using them
 > is not as good as my 4-6 injections per day.
 > Guess I will just call it off.  Should have known
 > about all the
 > negative aspects of the pump prior to purchasing it.
 > Thanks.
 > Lurline >>
Lurline I am a very long term Diabetic and have been reading your posts for 
the last week or so. After almost 53 years on insulin injections I have been 
thru a lot. I went on pump therapy in May and it is the best I have seen for 
close control I have tried the veg diet and all that it was not as good as 
the pump has been for me. I get the idea you enjoy a debate on anything.If I 
had came to your decision I would have quit the list and stuck with 
injections. without telling this list they are all wrong!! Roger C dx12/1/47 
pm 5/8/00
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