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[IP] Pump called off

On Mon, 25 Sep 2000 Lurline <email @ redacted> wrote

>Well it looks from viewing these messages that the pumps don't do what
>they are advertised to do. It would seem that the control using them
>is not as good as my 4-6 injections per day.
>Guess I will just call it off. Should have known about all the
>negative aspects of the pump prior to purchasing it.

I can't speak for everyone on the pump but as the premier dinasour on the pump 
(I've been pumping for almost 20 years, longer than most of the list has HAD 
diabetes (which I've had for almost 39 years)).

I can tell you that the pump is just a machine.  It does not CURE the 
diabetes, it makes controlling it that much easier.  Like any machine it also 
has its problems.

I can tell you that in 20 years things have improved tremendously and continue 
to improve at faster and faster rates!!  The ability to have multiple basals 
during the day, the ability to have a temporary basal rate, to have square 
wave boluses and the like are all relatively new (five years or so).  I would 
say that if you are working well with shots and controlling the diabetes that 
your control with the pump will be at least as good and more than likely 

The pump will give you a lot more 'freedom' than a few shots a day (not 
carrying around syringes is a big plus to me) and the ability to decide what 
and when and where I want to eat is also big.  Control on sick days I've found 
much easier with the pump (not that it is perfect but the options available 
give me more room to play around and get things to work).

Whatever decision you make you shouldn't go away thinking the pump is garbage.
 With 10,000 or so of us pumping worldwide (I may be off by 10,000 this was an 
old figure) and more coming on every day and a drop off rate of less then 1 % 
(probably less then .1% from what I know) there must be something to pumping.

I'm sorry if the problems and complaints on the list caused you to think the 
pump is bad, but look at a standard diabetes support list (the one from lehigh 
is a good example) and count how many people are complaining about losing 
their ability to eat, walk, etc!!  At least our complaints are soluble and 
most of us come away from the list with a beginning of a solution (or even 
more than that).

who really likes his pump but is sorry to be sending his borrowed AutoSyringe 
AS6c back to the nice person (who used to work for Autosyringe) who lent it to 
me to photograph and scan.

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