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[IP] RE calling off pump..the GOOD points on pump therapy

 I sure as hech know I voiced bad parts of pump
therapy, I do not regret it b/c this forum is also for
venting, and some parents even sent me nasty emails,
but anyone whose given the pump a FAIR try will know
it is more good than bad..
 1. FREEDOM! at times this has what kept me on the
pumpd espite the pump breaking.
 2. EATING WHATEVER, WHENEVER--self explanatory
 3. IMPROVED CONTROL--come on, I've never had a 5.9
a1c before and even with 2 pumps breaking during that
3 month period, it was the best a1c of my life WIHTOUT
a zillion annoying lows!
 Lurline, don't just give up. WHen I first joined this
site I listened to stories bashing both pump companies
and that really upset me b/c I KNEW you have to decide
what's best fo ryou..pump company vs. each other,
shots vs. the pump.
 You have to find a way to make it work, and MOST
importantly, do NOT give up!
 As we speak I"m doing a trial on Disetronic and
shoudl be (assuming it continues going well) switching
soon, and then I wouldn't have to worry about my pump
breaking w/o having a backup ever again!

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