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[IP] RE: Alcohol and Insulin Pumping

> I don't think this is quite right.  The enzyme that metabolizes alcohol is
> at a fairly constant level, independent of most other things.  The liver
> does lots of different things at the same time.  It can surely do both and
> lots more too.  But its not an important issue here.   Sugar is always
> important when you are going low.
> 	I too do beer, and most have about 12-18 g of carb.  i find those
> carbs go in pretty quickly to raise BG, so i like to bolus early.

Alcohol is initially and primarily broken down by the enzyme alcohol
dehydrogenase.  The enzyme may be at a relatively constant level but alcohol
demands attention, and it gets it, at the expense of other hepatic duties.
When the liver is dealing with alcohol products it is severely limited in
its ability to perform other functions which is why, if you use insulin, you
should eat if you're drinking alcoholic beverages. Your liver will not
rescue you from a declining bG if it is busy handling alcohol.  Women do not
have as adequate supply of alcohol dehydrogenase as men and therefore cannot
tolerate alcohol as well.  Since I have been advised by three physicians to
drink red wine daily, I use this argument to get a disproportionate share
everytime a cork is pulled at dinner.  My wife, however, determines how much
we ( I ) get so I am always doubtful about my compliance in following
"doctor's orders".

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MM 507 - 1998

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