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RE: [IP] Pump called off

> >
> > Well it looks from viewing these messages that the pumps don't do what
> > they are advertised to do.  It would seem that the control using them
> > is not as good as my 4-6 injections per day.
> > Guess I will just call it off.  Should have known about all the
> > negative aspects of the pump prior to purchasing it.
> > Thanks.
> > Lurline

I bet looking at the list it must seem that the pump is all bad sometimes 
but allot of us just post those "bad points" inorder to work past them.  We 
don't always post the good points.  I would say  give it a try for awhile 
you can always go back to MDIs

Brian Carter
email @ redacted
ICQ # 27217438
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