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Re: [IP] Pump called off

I do not know about any one else, but my control has been far tighter since
being on the pump. My HbA1c went from 6.9 on MDI to 5.3 after 3 months on
the pump!Before I had the pump, my BG would range from 40 - 300 on some days
and I would rarely have a day where I did not have at least one reading over
200. Now, I rarely have a reading over 130 or under 60. In short, my control
is far better being on the pump and would never want to go back to the
swings and unpredictability I had before. The flexibility is a real bonus as
well which I never thought would be possible. I don't vary my diet a whole
lot but it's nice to not have to eat at a given time every day weather I'm
hungry or not.

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From: "Lurline" <email @ redacted>

> Well it looks from viewing these messages that the pumps don't do what
> they are advertised to do.  It would seem that the control using them
> is not as good as my 4-6 injections per day.
> Guess I will just call it off.  Should have known about all the
> negative aspects of the pump prior to purchasing it.
> Thanks.
> Lurline

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