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[IP] "supposed" to do?

Lurline writes:
> looks from viewing these messages that the pumps don't do what
>  they are advertised to do.

What exactly are they advertised to do that they don't seem to do?  They are 
advertised to help contrl blood sugars, to help normalize them...No where in 
the literature does it say the pump does all the work.  99% of hte problems 
and errors reported on this list are human errors, NOT the pump.  The pump is 
a machine and if you think it is going to control your diabetes and fgive you 
a break, then maybe you better call it off.  It only works as good as you do, 
and no better.  If you already bought it, why not give it a shot before you 
give up?  You might like it.

NYC Sara SP who will give up her "miracle cure" when they pry it from her 
cold dead hands, and who NEVER buys anything just cuz it is "advertised" to 
be the net SURE thing
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