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Re: [IP] Pump called off

Lurline wrote:

>>Well it looks from viewing these messages that the pumps don't do what
they are advertised to do.  It would seem that the control using them
is not as good as my 4-6 injections per day.<<

Lurline, I'm sorry you decided not to go with the pump.  My pump does
everything it was advertised to do.  Sometimes the problems come not from
the pump, but from the inexperience of the users.  It takes time to learn a
new method of glucose control and the pump doesn't do it all by itself,
anyone who thinks they'll just put it on and forget about it is in for a
surprise.  I would never go back to shots, my A1c and my control is the best
it's been in years.  My last A1c was 4.5 and when I graph my blood glucose
tests, they are all in good range.  You said in your profile that you'd
never had good control, I'm sorry you're giving up so easily on this.  But
it's true, the pump is not a magic bullet and it may not for everybody, and
it probably won't help those who don't have the desire and want to work to
get good control.

RoseLea (and Max)

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