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Re: [IP] Bump, lumps and stuff...

> HI Friends:  My 4.5 year old pumper, 3 weeks has got some lumps
> under his skin on his tummy. 

There are several possible reasons for the lumps. Among them are
possible small infection, sensitivity to the insulin, irritation from 
the cannula being too deep. You should carefully determine exactly 
what the problem is, then the solution will be relatively easy.

The lumps will go away with time, what you want to do is eliminate 
them to begin with.

Re: infection
Some people are staph carriers -- this is benign for them, but causes 
problems with open wounds. You can get tested for this to confirm, or 
just be careful. Solution: use sterile field techniques doing the 
insertion. Wash hands, make sure you do NOT touch your face (harder 
to do than you might imagine) , lay everything out on a clean paper 
towel (paper is cleaner than cloth) Use Iodine preps (Providen 
Preps), let the stuff dry and wipe excess off with alcohol pads. Then 
do insertion normally.

To check insulin sensitivity, switch to another insulin for about 2 
weeks. Humulin or Velosulin. If the bumps disappear, then there is 
more that can be done to possibly get back on at least a Humalog mix.

Set too deep, change sets. Use a Micro, Rapids, or Sil/Tender/Comfort 

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