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Re: [IP] Decreased basal rates after exercise

> My 12 year old daughter is both new to diabetes (since May) and new
> to the pump (two weeks.)  I thought we had her basal rates pretty
> well adjusted but for the last two days she had vigorous exercise
> and since then has been running low.  I've tried temporary basal
> rate reductions for a few hours, then she gets low again.  Pre pump
> she did a week of lacrosse camp then had a lot of lows for the
> entire ensuing week.  Any suggestions on where  to start for adjust
> for exercise?

When my daughter runs into this kind of problem she just turns her 
basals down 0.1u/hr (occasionally 0.2u/hr) until she begins to see 
her bg's steadily higher than target. This might be all day or only 
part of the day (usually nights).

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