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At 10:15 PM 09/23/00 email @ redacted wrote:
>We are trying to decide on which pump to get. A pump trainer recently told
>us that one brand has a problem during airplane flights. He said all of the
>insulin is delivered during the flight. That sure sounds dangerous and I was
>wondering if anyone has had such an experience.

OK.  I thought I heard everything.  I started pumping 19 years ago and started 
flight training a few months later (OK, I wasn't really training to be a 
pilot.  I was writing software for a parachute manufacturing company who flew 
me back and forth to college (Ithaca NY) and his plant (near Cherry Hill, NJ).
 While flying he suggested I learn to fly the plane (it was a private prop 
plane with all kinds of neat electronics and stuff to help you fly).

I did have LOTS of fun flying but never had my pump overdeliver.  Over the 
next few years my job required a lot of flying (I was in california six times 
one summer) and again had no pump related problems.

I think this pump trainer needs to go back to school or to verify his stories.
If I were you I would contact his company and let them know he is giving out 
very harmful information.


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