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I heard the same story (I think from my CDE) when I was getting my
Disetronic a few years ago.  The way I heard the story was that it was
someone with the Disetronic pump in Europe.  It was either someone testing
the pump before they came out to public, or it was the "First Run" of pumps
produced.  It was so air-tight that it delivered the insulin when the
pressure changed.  According to the story, Disetronic then put the two
little holes into the cap so it's not totally air-tight.

Whether it's true or not, I don't know.  But, I always thought the part
about "testing"/"First-Run" made it seem plausible.  But, not something to
worry about with any of the pumps out there now.
Dan Bergan

>We are trying to decide on which pump to get.  A pump trainer recently told
>us that one brand has a problem during airplane flights.  He said all of
>insulin is delivered during the flight.  That sure sounds dangerous and I
>wondering if anyone has had such an experience.
>Grand-mom to Cory
>age 11 ~ dx'd 12/28/98

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