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[IP] Re: Discouraged and sleep deprived...HELP!

In a message dated 9/24/00 11:07:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> knew it would be a difficult two weeks-two months, but we
>  are really questioning the relative value of the pump.  Words of
>  encouragement PLEASE!  It must get better than this!

Don't give up!  The pump is new to you and you are taking baby steps
while you learn to incorprate it into your life.  It will be wonderful, I
promise.  Have you read the new Pumping Insulin?  I know, you can barely
keep your eyes open right now, but it's the best thing we've ever done in
Katie's history!!!  It will give you knowledge to make wise decisions,
and it will encourage you.  We will encourage you, too, so please come
back and tell us how you're doing.
God Bless,
Debbie, Mom of Katie, 9, dx'd 9/97
MiniMed pumper since 8/2/99 (youngest pumper in Alaska...so far!)
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