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[IP] Pam - discouraged

SNIP>>>>>>Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 23:09:18 -0400
From: "Pam Wellin" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Discouraged and sleep deprived...HELP!

Gus(8-dxd 10/98) started on the pump last Monday...success i.e. good numbers
have been spotty.  I assume this is due mostly to the crimped micro
soft-sets...we switched from abdomen to butt Friday evening hoping to hit
fat....  Saturday was just O.K. in terms of  good numbers.  After today-
numbers in the 200s for which we bolused with little or no result- we JUST
changed the site...NO crimping this time.  We're finding we just don't trust
the darn thing!  Checking BGs every 2-3 hours (as needed during this first
2-3 weeks) ...resorting to bolusing with a syringe when numbers are really
out of control.  I knew it would be a difficult two weeks-two months, but we
are really questioning the relative value of the pump.  Words of
encouragement PLEASE!  It must get better than this!<<<<<<<SNIP

Hi Pam, 
Did you do any fasting basal testing?   You know, fasting for an eight hour
period, and recording bgs every two hours?   My feeling is bolusing with a
syringe defeats purpose of pumping and deterring basals.   Also, I remember
some pumpers saying the upper buttocks was only good for a day or so.   You
might check the archives for that.  

My first few nights on the pump I held it in my hand all night so I could be
sure it really kept on "clicking".  But after five years, I know it works a
whole lot better than I do.   It does take some time to get the basals set
up.  As all the parents can tell you, a growing child is a challenge and
ever changing.  As an old woman of 59, even I have to tweak my basals
periodically and haven't a clue why as my life is fairly consistent.  Well,
sometimes consistent.  

Hang in there, I promise you and Gus it will be worth the trouble.   Read
the book "Pumping Insulin"  and it is simple enough that Gus might could
look at it too.  At least the charts and pictures would be good for him.
Lots of good stuff there. 

You are doing a wonderful thing for your child.  I admire you and all the
parents for all their hard work with their children on pumps!


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