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[IP] Pump Dreams

SNIP>>>>>>>>From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Pump features

Just had another idea for this ideal pump we've been designing. 

That is, a DELAYED bolus. <<<<<<<SNIP


That is a great idea and one of the best I have heard.   Sometimes I am a
little too low and I start eating my dinner and I will wait a few minutes
before I bolus, because if I don't I will go too low at the end of the
meal...So, I put it off, and I sometimes forget the bolus
altogether......Damn, I hate it when that happens.  My trick is to take my
pump and put it in my lap so that when I start to get up, I will remember to
do the bolus.  However, the memory cells in my brain sometimes are either
dead or out to lunch, cause I do forget.    Delayed bolus, for up to 30-45
minutes, would be wonderful.

Do we (excuse me, I mean does Michael) have a list of these ideas going so
the pump companies are working on them?   

MICHAEL...How are the donations going....did we pay for our month yet?????


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