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Pump Memory Lane (was)..Re: [IP] Discouraged and sleep deprived...HELP!

   Great & accurate post! I second everything you said, and also wanted to 
add some perspective from being 4.5 yrs + out from day #1 on the pump. So 
permit me to stroll back down "Pump memory lane" & re-visit those days of 
   a) first weekend pumping...since our endo was essentially useless ( 
Melissa was her first ever pt on a pump which she never bothered to tell us), 
we relied upon the employees of Home Medical ( many of whom were pumpers) to 
guide us through...I must have called them 5 times!...and yes, I must have 
checked her a dozen times a day...
   b) within the first week, Melissa somehow managed to wrap the tubing 
around her body so tightly while she slept that it snapped cleanly in 2!!! MM 
said they'd never heard of that, I've never seen anyone else post that & it 
hasn't happened since! Weird!
   c) our first set change took both of us 45 minutes to do, that's how 
intimidated & scared we were!..now she can do it in 1-2 minutes...
   d) since Melissa apparently is a "carrier" of staph aureus, and since she 
wasn't as diligent as she needed to be about hygiene I guess, she had THREE 
site infections in that first year...none since..also NOT a common situation, 
yet one that had a doctor friend advising her to stop pumping (which we 
   e) no delivery alarms were also a first year problem, along with sites 
going "bad" (i.e. high numbers unexpectedly) and skin irritations but, along 
with infections, these problems seemed to disappear once she switched to 
Silhouette infusions sets from the Sofsets
   f) when I found our record book ( truly an artifact from days gone by!) 
for the WEEKS prior to pump start-up, my then 13 yr old daughter was 
awakening in the mid-high 200s EVERY DAY & her endo's "suggestions" were 
doing NOTHING to resolve that scenario ( remember this was pre-Humalog 
era)...No wonder her A1C was an 8.8 and her personna was permanently "PMS"!!
   g) 6 months later, her A1C was an astounding lowest ever 6.8 and is 
currently a 7.1 at age 17 1/2
   h) the first time she had to get dressed up & couldn't conceal her pump in 
her jeans pocket, she was hysterical for an hour...I wisely sent hubby & 
other daughter on ahead to our friends' home while I waited-out Melissa's 
angst....Thanks to Calvin Klein body shapers, hiding the pump alongside her 
inner thigh, she resolved this crisis & now just matter of factly slips it 
out under her hem while seated at a table....of course, having just gotten a 
508 with a remote, even that stage is now "history"....
    i) although I was VERY involved in the day to day handling of her pump 
initially ( and although she still likes having me join her for those 
occasional 3:00 am "tea parties" if she awakens low from having overzealously 
corrected a high before bed), she's essentially on "auto pilot" now....which 
is as it should be, since she's been driving for 18 months & will be off to 
college in 11 months (eeeekkkk!)
   j) so...bottom line- HANG IN THERE newbie pumpers/pump moms& dads.......It 
was initially a rocky ride on the Pump Bandwagon, and while I won't say it's 
completely "smooth sailing" nowadays ( i.e. 234 bg yesterday morning because 
she lazily delayed changing her set when she should have)...what I do say to 
anone who inquires is that the "Paradox of Pumping" is that by DOING MORE ( 
or so it seems to those who just "inject & forget" (ha!) you actually wind up 
DOING LESS ( i.e. less severe lows, less ER visits, less 911 calls, less 
awkward social situations for teens, less restrictive life-style mandates, 
less residual effects from roller-coastering bgs, etc etc.....)...and the #1 
"PLUS" that I tell skeptical parents is "less OBSESSING" for the anxious 
parents who are watching a clock wondering if the NPH peak coincided with the 
school trip or the soccer game or the traffic jam on the turnpike, etc.....
   No, we can't "kiss it & make it all better" for our kids, but IMHO ( in my 
humble opinion) if this is "as good as it gets" until there's a CURE, Pump 
Therapy wins "hands down" over MDI!!!
Regards, Renee ( 17 1/2 yr old Melissa's pump mom/advocate)
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