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Re: [IP] Insulin survival

> << I use Humalog and my endo told me the insulin is very sensative.  They do
>  not even want me to store it in my refrigerator door because it will get
>  josseled to much.  I have to change my insulin every 5 days-by the fifth day
>  my bg's start rising.  Also I am unfamiliar with the how long you can keep
>  this insulin out of the fridge perhaps someone else will know the longevity
>  of it, if it is not refrigerated.  Take Care >>

Another old wives tale. Many people confuse site corruption problems -- 
i.e. bolus will no longer have and effect until the site is changed, with 
insulin problems. Since it appears that the insulin is no longer working 
and changing everything including NEW insulin seems to solve the problem, 
some people jump to the conclusion that the insulin is causing the 
problem. There do not appear to be site sensitivity problems with any 
insulin except Humalog so it is easy to make this judgemental error. 
Humalog is not any more sensitive to heat or being opened than any other 
type of insulin. This "fact" is supported by extensive testing by the 
manufacturer. I have not axe to grind in this, just pointing out the 
obvious. Before flaming me on this, IF you think you have problems with 
Humalog degrading, I suggest you test yourself for site problems first. 
You might find that your diabetes will become easier to manage if you 
know about this kind of problem. Once someone has made up their mind 
about an issue like this, it is difficult to get them to again examine 
the problem.

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