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> We are trying to decide on which pump to get.  A pump trainer recently told 
> us that one brand has a problem during airplane flights.  He said all of the 
> insulin is delivered during the flight.  That sure sounds dangerous and I was 
> wondering if anyone has had such an experience.

This is very unlikely -- even if it were true, the problem would most 
likely be related to having a large amount of air in the insulin 
cartridge -- something that could happen to ANY pump if the insulin were 
not properly de-bubble, in fact only if loaded improperly with a large 
amount of air present. Aircraft cabin pressure is usually around 8000 
feet There is not a large pressure change between sea level and 8k feet. 
It is enough to cause a problem if there are bubbles, but not otherwise. 
The only real serious risk would be if there were bubbles and there were 
an explosive decompression of the cabin. Highly unlikely -- even if there 
were, the aircraft would likely have other major problems that would make 
this a minor inconvenience i.e. the roof ripping off the Hawaiaian Air 
737 a few years ago -- a couple of people got sucked out of the hole.

Basically -- don't worry about these kinds of stories -- they are akin to 
meteors falling on your house or getting struck by lightening.

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