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Re: [IP] Discouraged and sleep deprived...HELP!

We went through the same thing for about 3 months; partly because we left our 
medical team right after our 14 year old daughter got her pump (don't ask why 
- it is a long story), and partly because it does take a while to get the 
hang of it.  The pump is hard in the beginning but it evolves into a much 
better system than shots once you get the hang of it.  Please keep at it and 
keep posting for help of any kind; I did and it saved our lives.  Numbers 
will be all over the map for a while.  Your kid will get poked constantly.  
Doing a shot once in a while to make sure he gets insulin is a very good 
idea; we still do that when our daughter is high.  And they do go high very 
quickly on the pump due to no long acting insulin in their systems.  But once 
you start getting control of the darn thing, and start trusting it 
somewhat.... then you begin enjoying the freedom of not having to force feed 
your kid, or eat on a schedule, or worry about the long acting insulin 
peaking in the middle of the night.  The lows are reduced substantially on 
the pump.  And the normalcy of the diabetic's life is improved.  It is just 
really hard in the beginning.  So much to learn.  How to solve tubing 
problems, insertion problems, absorption and site problems.  And having this 
thing hanging from your belly all the time.  And threading an inch a half 
needle under the skin every couple of days.  Bottom line, your kid is still 
diabetic.  But my personal opinion is that the pump will replace shots for 
most kids of all ages within the next 5 years.  Shots are primitive compared 
to the pump.  So keep at it, you stressed out parent.  I am sure you will 
succeed in the end.  We went through it too and my heart goes out to you.  
You do it cause you love your kid.  
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