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[IP] Re: Flights and pumping

<<A pump trainer recently told
us that one brand has a problem during airplane flights.  He said all of the
insulin is delivered during the flight.>>

The "trainer" who told us this said he trains for both Diestronic and MiniMed 
so I don't see why he would be paritial to one over the other.  For his 
persoanl use he has a MiniMed.  He is a young man and works at our diabetes 
camp.  He gave Cory some pump training while he was at camp.  
Most of you seem to have not had any problems while in flight and that is 
certainly encouraging. 

<<The only way I could ever think that this could happen with the D is if you 
Fly high with the little red cap in (that totally makes the cartridge 
chamber air tight which I have not found one yet that does) and in a non 
pressurized cabin.  Yet if this happens I can't see how all would go in.>>

This statmenet makes it sound like IT IS POSSIBLE to have a problem, but not 
likely. I'll be reviewing the pump videos from both D and MM this week.  
Hopefully, we are going to get a YES from the insurance company anyday and we 
need to decide which pump is the best for Cory.
Thanks for the many replies. I appreciate you sharing your experiences with 
the pump.
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