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[IP] Alcohol and Insulin Pumping

I don't think this is quite right.  The enzyme that metabolizes alcohol is
at a fairly constant level, independent of most other things.  The liver
does lots of different things at the same time.  It can surely do both and
lots more too.  But its not an important issue here.   Sugar is always
important when you are going low.
	I too do beer, and most have about 12-18 g of carb.  i find those
carbs go in pretty quickly to raise BG, so i like to bolus early.  Here i n
Baltimore,  a fine meal consists of a bucket of steamed crabs and a pitcher
of beer--the ideal dinner for a diabetic pumper!

<As Jim says, this is really a YMMV issue.  One other thing to remember.
<Your liver can EITHER process alcohol OR dump sugar, when you are going low.
<It CAN NOT do BOTH.  So food is really important, as well as knowing the
<difference between your personal 'going low' signals and getting tipsy ;-)

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