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[IP] Decreased basal rates after exercise

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<My 12 year old daughter is both new to diabetes (since May) and new to
the pump (two weeks.)  I thought we had her basal rates pretty well
adjusted but for the last two days she had vigorous exercise and since
then has been running low.  I've tried temporary basal rate reductions
for a few hours, then she gets low again.  Pre pump she did a week of
lacrosse camp then had a lot of lows for the entire ensuing week.  Any
suggestions on where  to start for adjust for exercise?>

Just a few thoughts--I just finished 3 days with the continuous glucose
monitor, which confirmed what most of us already knew. Exercise affects
blood sugars for at least 24 hours. I don't get much exercise during my
normal days, but when I play ping pong (don't laugh--I'm very
competitive, and it's a lot of exercise for me!!) my blood sugars are
affected through the next day. So a temp basal for a few hours isn't
going to do it. How about a 25% across the board basal reduction for
starters, then test and adjust as needed? Does your pump allow you to
set multiple basal patterns? (the MM 508 does) If so, she could switch
to that pattern right before her exercise, once you get it figured out.

Hope this helps.


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