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Re: [IP] Decreased basal rates after exercise

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<< My 12 year old daughter is both new to diabetes (since May) and new to the 
 pump (two weeks.)  I thought we had her basal rates pretty well adjusted but 
 for the last two days she had vigorous exercise and since then has been 
 running low.  I've tried temporary basal rate reductions for a few hours, 
 then she gets low again.  Pre pump she did a week of lacrosse camp then had 
 lot of lows for the entire ensuing week.  Any suggestions on where  to start 
 for adjust for exercise?
 ---------------------------------------------------------- >>
My 14 year old son decreases his basals about at least 1/2 the normal rate 
when he exercises, depending on how vigorous and how long the exercise is.  
For example, if he is going to play basketball, he can take the pump off for 
the hour.  Remember, the exercise increases your metabolism and will stick 
with you for up to 24 hours.
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