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[IP] Mouse gets the tingles

I get the tingly lips, but also have gotten (not every time, but never a 
false alarm) burning/tingling of the right quad area, I've been told it's a 
single nerve neuropathy, or     numbness of the left scapula, or shoulder 
blade. Any one of these three signs tells me that I am definitely below 50.  
Since pumping, I have not gotten the right quad burning, but still 
occasionally get the lip or shoulder blade signs if I've miscalculated a 
bolus or have to reset my basals, or something.
Tingling in the quad area is a mononeuropathy. It is so frequent it has its
own name: meralgia paresthetica. this probably improved with pumping. the
scapular numbness is a suprascaular nerve neuropathy, sigle nerve problems
are so frequent in diabetes that any mononeuropathy multiplex as they are
called makes a good neurologist suspicious of diabetes spot

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