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[IP] Alcohol and pumping

Dee Dee asks:
I am curious to get other pump users input on the consumption of alcohol 
while pumping.  I was pregnant when I first started the pump so it wasn't an 
issue then, but now that my daughter has been born I am interested in finding 
out how it works with the pump and if it is even safe.  Do you have to change 
basals for a temporary period, Do you bolus for an alcoholic beverage etc.... 
 I would appreciate some advice from anyone that has experience with this 
Alcohol inhibitsss or slows significanyly glucose production by the liver
you can drink but watch your sugats, you can go low fom drinking. I'd test
test and test because there is no guidelines to predict this phenomenon.
alcohol is not good for you if you have diabeastes. you may need to revisit
your basels and insulin sensativity factors if you are drinking significant
amounts of alcohol. Spot and CHRISTINE

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