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[IP] Insulin survival

<< I use Humalog and my endo told me the insulin is very sensative.  They do
 not even want me to store it in my refrigerator door because it will get
 josseled to much.  I have to change my insulin every 5 days-by the fifth day
 my bg's start rising.  Also I am unfamiliar with the how long you can keep
 this insulin out of the fridge perhaps someone else will know the longevity
 of it, if it is not refrigerated.  Take Care >>
I have kept humalog out for a month at a time with no problems.
The only time it went bad is when i left it in the car last month off and on 
over a 4 day period when I'd gone to the middle of KS for a funeral and the 
heat was 109.
Lilly says Humulog will last only 28 days from the day the stopper of the
vial pierced. I'm not certain why putting a needle in the vial starts the
decomposition but it does. jostling insulin is also not recommended
although the insulins a few years years ago polymerized easily forming
fibrils with minimal agitation that is no longer the case.high tempertures
are a definate no-no insulin does not tolerate heat well. Squibb(who used
to make insulin a few  years ago), Lilly and Novo Nordisk all did research
on stabilizing insulin. It is thru their efforts that modern insulins have
become so stable. the genetic engineeering of bacteria to produce insulin
has guaranteed an adaquate supply for all of us who must use insulin spot

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