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[IP] Swimmer with diabetes

We have been following Gary Hall since the last Olympics, especially since he was diagnosed as Diabetic.
Sara, my daughter and 14, started swimming at 5, diagnosed at 8, returned to swimming in 6 months. She has been pumping since Aug. 99. She loves to smash the competition in the water. Sara has a regimen down for practices and competition that is rigorous and amazing. Competition days require BG every 30-45 minutes.  
One fact you may not be aware of is that Gary Hall's first endo. told him he would never compete in the water again. HUH!!! Thankfully after the initial depression, severe, from this pronouncement he found someone to help him.
Sara was luckier. Her old coach had a sister who was a Tpye 1 and was more than willing to start from scratch with Sara. He trained, set goals for her that other swimmers could not do and she succeeded and he has stuck by her through the years (and there have been some tough ones!).  We also found an endo who swims for his exercise program, loved that she swims this hard and only expects to see her top herself every year. How lucky can you get.
Sara has qualified for Nationals, plans to break every swim record at her current team and the high school records when she starts there next year. Gary Hall has also shown her that the Olympics are not out of reach because of Diabetes.
The pump has made her goals much easier to attain. The other pumper was right. Now Sara feels she checks her Blood sugar for a reason and can use it to control the Diabetes, not just chase her tail.
We have wondered why Gary was not on the pump? It has made her swimming even better and easier. She would love to talk to him about it, and also trade swimming/Diabetes strategies. Any other pumpers who swim competitively out there? Write Sara. She loves to talk swimming and would love to trade ideas.
Pam, mom to pumping Sara, and she is at 6.1 HbA1c and going lower. Yea pump!