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Re: [IP] Bent cannulas

<part of original post>
<I prefer having my sites in my "love handles" or around my back.  I
would like to start using the silhouettes but without the extra little
piece of tubing like on the quick release for the sof sets I dont know
how I would get disconnected to take a shower when my husband is at

Hi Dee Dee,

I think the sils are so much better than the sofsets that I'd use them
even if you can't go quite as far around your body. I think overall
you'll be much more pleased. But it is true that you can't use those
sites which are harder to reach--however, I personally wouldn't use them
anyway, because how do you check if they are red?? I need at least to be
able to see the site to make sure it is still in ok, isn't red,
etc.--and I don't like having to bother someone else to check it or put
it in.

Anyway, I think once you use the sils you won't go back (pun not
intended!). Besides, the sils actually take less space, because with the
sofsets you have so much extra taping, etc.

Hope this helps!


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