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[IP] Thin and Using MM soft-sets

Kap is thin and tall and uses the D pump w/ MM soft-sets.  His D pump has an 
occlusion alarm on his pump.  Yet it has never gone off.  The other night 
when he had large ketos he had put in a new site. Lately the sites have just 
gone bad. Pump still works great, just he needs to move on to new places on 
his body. He has used his tummy since pumping, only place that you can pinch 
a inch.  I havent pushed him to use the legs, due to walking (running - he is 
all boy) he changes classes 7 times in a day.  And plays hard - going up and 
down stairs. (Arms for the same reason) His butt (upper level) he cant reach 
around there to disconnect and insert - with is new found FREEDOM of doing 
site changes without mom.  
The amount of writing in 5th grade, his arms are used every waking moment at 
We tried his butt for several days, but I wasnt able to get the correct basel 
rate with the butt due to different absorption rates.  And his endo said that 
was ok for him to still use his tummy, but I feel at the next visit, she will 
change her mind.
Does other have to change their Basel rates based on absorption rates using 
different parts of the body?  Therefore, an arm basel rate, butt basel rate, 
tummy basel rate, etc.
Thanks for Listening!
Darlene - Mom to Kap - his Mileage changing daily - age 10 - dxd 8/26/98
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