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[IP] Re: Gary Hall & Sun Chat

Barb wrote to me:
> [gary] has  been quoted to not be using a pump because he 
> hasn't found one that is waterproof. 

Well we know the Disetronic and Animas one's are, maybe he needs a better 
sales pitch (company endoresement???), but i bet the real worry is the DRAG 
that the little box would put on him hence lowering his times!!!  Heck he can 
do like I did today...wear it all day, and then take it off for the 18 
seconds he is in the water!!

yeah yeah, i know he has to train and is probably in the water all day long, 
but I am just being Miss SP...maybe needles are better for him...doesn't seem 
to have HURT him at all!!!

Chat tomorrow night will most likely be unhosted as it is my last night of 
vacation and I plan on being not only a BAD diabetic but a BAD 
christian/jew/muslim/buddhist as well  (pick a religion....), since I am 
gonna go drink and dance and carouse and party!!!  you can talk about me if 
you want...tee hee.,..

Sara SP

we at Animas will have to send him some info. There is a
>  marathon runner (not in the Olympics) on the Animas pump and she is VERY
>  happy with it. :<)
>  Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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