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 Michael J.Paul <email @ redacted>
    I have been a diabetic since 1976.  I am 46, two years ago I had a heart 
 attack followed by stents and bypass.This had been a result of diabetes 
 complications.  A year ago this month to help my diabetes I started on the 
 pump,I use the Disetronic.  I never thought I could learn to use the 
 pump,but I learned,now I am learning the computer.  I am also president of 
 my local diabetic support group. 
Michael, I am soooo Proud of You.  1. Getting the Pump and #2.  Getting 
involved!  I was raising money for the local JDF walk and 1 lady made a very 
rude statement to another lady as I was walking away from them.  She said 
"That people only got involved after someone they loved was affected by 
diabetes, heart, CF and other." I quickly did a back track.  I told her my 
theory: If the true diagnosis was put on death certificates there would be a 
cure for diabetes, because diabetes complications was killing more people 
than what we are lead to believe "the uneducated" and I saw it as my job to 
EDUCATE.  Two years ago, Kap was the 2nd child to be diagnosed at his school. 
 He told the parents of the 1st child at his school with D, about the pump 
and she is now on the pump.  To date there has been  4 other children 
diagnosed since then.  I don't want a child or adult to have to experience 
DKA for diagnoses.  That everyone should have a hba1c as part of a physical 
routine.  I begged my mother to have her doctor do a hba1c done on her and 
she is now on the pill for type 2 and is now under control.  Kap and his 
teachers recognized the signs of a child in his class and she was taken the 
doctor and diagnosed before DKA.  Kap shows his pump to everyone and talks 
about getting an hba1c done at their physical.
Thank you for educating and getting involved!
Darlene - Mom to Kap - proactive pumper and educator - age10 - dxd 8/26/98
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