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Re: [IP] Alcohol and Insulin Pumping

As Jim says, this is really a YMMV issue.  One other thing to remember.
Your liver can EITHER process alcohol OR dump sugar, when you are going low.
It CAN NOT do BOTH.  So food is really important, as well as knowing the
difference between your personal 'going low' signals and getting tipsy ;-)

I usually dirnk pints of 'good' beer.  I need to take a little extra insulin
to cover the 'heavier' ones, Guiness, Newcastle, Porters, etc.  If not, I
expect to be high in the a.m.

Good luck,

> Dee Dee <email @ redacted> wrote:
>> I am curious to get other pump users input on the consumption of alcohol
>> while pumping.  I was pregnant when I first started the pump so it wasn't an
>> issue then, but now that my daughter has been born I am interested in finding
>> out how it works with the pump and if it is even safe.  Do you have to change
>> basals for a temporary period, Do you bolus for an alcoholic beverage etc....
>> I would appreciate some advice from anyone that has experience with this
>> topic. 
> As with most things, this is a matter of YMMV.  In general, if one is in good
> control then there's no reason in and of itself that one can't enjoy moderate
> use of alcohol.  Of course, those with addiction problems should abstain,
> whether diabetic or not, etc., etc.  Just be sure to account for it by knowing
> how many carbs (i.e. beer), or for dry (i.e. no sugar) beverages, how much to
> reduce one's bolus.  As for all diabetics who choose to use alcohol, it is a
> good idea to eat something when one drinks alcoholic beverages.
> Jim Handsfield
> mailto:email @ redacted

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