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Re: [IP] Insulin wizard and Freestyle meter

> For all of us newbies I just found a neat program at 
> http://www.diabetesnet.com.  The INSULIN WIZARD will figure your
> estimated dose for your basal rate and your carb to insulin ratio
> and an estimate for your "point per drop per unit of insulin"
Take care using this estimating tools. It appears to be 
based on the weight of a person -- see the other estimating tools 
using 1500/1800/450 rules on the HOWTO page of the web site.

All of these rules and tools are based on statistical averages. I've 
done some informal surveys of IP forum members and found that the 
margin of error for these estimates are off in some cases by 50% or 

These tools and charts are used by medical folks to estimate insulin 
and dietary requirements IN THE ABSENSE of any other information. 
They are not a substitute for careful measurement of your basal 
requirements, and checking of your bg/insulin, carb/insulin, bg/carb 

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