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[IP] Insulin wizard and Freestyle meter

For all of us newbies I just found a neat program at 
http://www.diabetesnet.com.  The INSULIN WIZARD will figure your 
estimated dose for your basal rate and your carb to insulin ratio 
and an estimate for your "point per drop per unit of insulin"

I know most of you are already experts with this stuff but thought 
some of the other "lurkers" like me might find this helpful.

For those of you who are trying to get a free Freestyle meter--- I 
called 1-888-522-5226.  If you will stay on the line for a short time 
waiting for a customer service rep then hit 0 for the operator and 
leave a message or question (I asked about trading in some old 
meters) The customer service rep did not get back to me until last 
night ( it took a week--they are really swamped with calls right 
now).  But when she returned my call she said that they were not 
taking trade-ins at this time but they had a $40 dollar rebate.  
When I explained that I have 2 diabetic children and use over 200 
strips a month now and will soon have both of them on pumps and 
will be increasing the number of strips that we use-- she said that 
she could send me 1 for free. If we like it I will order another one 
and use the $40 dollar rebate for it.  I hope this helps--

Good luck,

email @ redacted
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