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Re: [IP] Can Insulin go bad???

OK, just stated was I was told. Thanks.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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From: "Michael" 

> the 28 day guide line has to do with sterility issues as a "standard" 
> and has little to do with how long the insulin actually lasts a a 
> particular temperature. Opening the vial breaks the seal and 
> potentially can allow impurities and/or bacteria into the insulin. 
> Assuming this does not happen, the insulin itself should not 
> deteriorate any faster just because the seal is broken.  All 
> insulin's are sensitive to temperature and keep best a low 
> temperatures (but above freezing). They will deterioriate in a matter 
> of hours at temps of 100+ -- like a hot car. The relationship between 
> deterioriation is non-linear with temperature. At room temperature 
> insulin will loose about 1% potency per month if my memory serves me 
> correctly.
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